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We were mining few years ago ourselves with one of these in the nascent days of bitcoin.

I recall telling my parents don’t worry about the noisy setups in the garage and I’ll cover the extra cost of electricity. Calculating our returns – we are easily up 20X on our money averaging out our returns.

Bitcoin cash was (BCH) was even a bonus – as spinoff fork in Bitcoin back in 2017 gave us another chunk.

Bitcoin really hit a peak this week with Coinbase IPO.

Coinbase’s closing level gave the stock a fully diluted valuation of nearly $86 billion. Earlier, in the day, the stock’s valuation easily exceeded $100 billion, with shares rising to as much as $429.54 in the minutes immediately following its opening trade.

The stock was given a reference price of $250 per share on the Nasdaq on Tuesday, though no shares traded hands at that price. Coinbase’s direct listing differed from a traditional initial public offering in that no new shares were issued in the process

CNBC April 15, 2021

We have been pounding the table on several bitcoin and crypto deals over the years – with nearly $100 billion market cap for one of the biggest exchanges of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, even Dogecoin out there IPO this week – April 2021 marks the date down in history as the day when crypto is here to stay.

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