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Watch the forest.

Yes, we all want our portfolios and holdings to reach ATHs and go to the

moon 🚀; nevertheless, a more valuable lesson is to be discovered from

recent events…patience.

As a 32 yr millennial, I understood what was happening during the 2008

Subprime Mortgage Crisis, the 2011 Black Monday, and finally, the 2020

Coronavirus Crash; however,  there was one significant difference in

comparison to the recent market crash; I had no skin in the game.

After creating my portfolio and enjoying many ATHs from a bull market,

2022 came around, following the first emotions; fear and panic. I decided

to take a step back and re-analyzed my investment strategy and since we

are here for the long run, I chose to focus on the forest instead of a single tree.

This bear market shall pass and with patience and discipline; better days

will come. As Mr. Buffets says: “the stock market is a device which

transfers money from the impatient to the patient.” 

Jorge Gallindo